Letter from the registered association "Mobil mit Behinderung e.V." (Mobile with Disability), who confirmed to support Melli with the financing of an vehicle adapted to her needs.

Account holder:

Mobil mit Behinderung e.V.

Bank name: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

Account no.: 87 113 00

Bank code no.: 660 205 00


IBAN: DE41 6602 0500 0008 7113 00 

Codeword: "Perings"

Please always mention the codeword "Perings" on your bank transfer, otherwise your money will not end up in my donations project! For donations of more than  € 100,- please always mention your name and address details (in addition to the codewort "Perings") on your bank transfer, so the MMB e.V. will be able to send you a receipt for tax purposes.


If you would like to donate as a company I would be more than happy to publish YOUR logo on my webpage. I would also happily add the link for your Homepage.


Initially I found it incredibly difficult to ask foundations and companies for financial support. Launching this website and the announcing of my chronic disease and my disability have equally not been easy for me. I have always been very independent and I have realized my dreams by myself. The idea of asking the public for money is still uncomfortable to me. But I didn't choose my situation! I am a happy, fun-loving person and I would like to stay that way! Increasingly though I feel isolated and dependent. Very often I feel sad and I spend most of my time alone in our apartment. My life is not over yet, which is why I have decided to make my request public. I am aware that there are people out there that are worse off than me. But pain and sorrow are very subjective and I don't want my bad physical condition to someday also destroy my happy, cheerful personality. People with disabilities have to fight for everything, yet they really could use that little, precious bit of energy to manage their everyday life. Every healthy person ought to be grateful for that fact! Maybe you could spare a few Euros and call your family's, friends', acquaintances', colleagues' and anybody else's attention to my website and my campaign for donations?!



Get to know me on my website or contact me, if you have questions, get information about the MMB e. V., ask the MMB about me and my case, to make sure that everything is “proper” and YOUR DONATION is invested well. Donations will be managed by the MMB. Every cent which is transferred to the donation account with the codeword "Perings", will be used at 100 % for my mobility, i.e. primarily for the financing of the adapted vehicle, but also for repairs, tires, inspections, etc. Hence not one cent will be lost!

The registered association "Mobil mit Behinderung e.V." (i.e. "Mobile with Disability") has checked my request and opened a free fundraising account on my behalf (see attached letter from MMB e.V. in German).

On you can find out more about the association that supports people with disabilities with their mobility issues since 2001. For donations of € 100 upwards you can be provided with a receipt to use for tax purposes. This receipt is accepted by the German tax authorities. Please check acceptance of this receipt with your local tax authorities, if you live abroad. Therefore please always mention your name and address details (in addition to the codeword "Perings") on your bank transfer.

Every Euro counts, including yours! MANY THANKS!



Here you can see the current amount of financial commitments and donations.

As I don't get information about receipts of donations from the MMB. e.V. on a daily basis,

it may take some time, untill your donation will be visible in this counter.

Please note, that some foundations put a time limit on their financial commitments, which means that it is possible

that the total donation amount decreases at one point or the other, because a financial commitment has expired.

Hence, time is money! Donate TODAY!


€ 15.078,- (June 11th 2015)