A healthy person walks, takes the bus, cycles, takes the train or takes the car – naturally, without appreciating how lucky they are.


Unfortunately I can’t do this! I miss the spontaneity and the self-determination!

When I want to go somewhere I have to plan and organize this very carefully. On my own I currently can’t visit my beloved family in Northern Germany or friends, go shopping or spontaneously make excursions!


An adapted vehicle build to my requirements would fulfill my dream of a self-determined, flexible life!


Even though an adapted vehicle is very costly it is not luxury. Of course, amongst other things, I will need auxillary heating, because I won’t be able to scrape the ice of the windows during winter, air conditioning, because it mustn’t get too hot in the car (Uhthoff's phenomenon), a cassette lift, because otherwise I won’t be able to get into the car in my wheelchair, a hand-operated acceleration and braking system, because my legs are numb and I experience muscle spasms, space in the car for my wheelchair and my aids, tinted windows, so I can catheterize myself in privacy, as I often suddenly need to use the bathroom and as there aren’t always accessible toilets available. Thereby I don’t have a luxury car, but an almost empty van with a cassette lift, so I can get into the car and drive it only by using my hands instead of my hands and legs.

Of course there is also the possibility to purchase a used vehicle. Though the used vehicle would still need to have all the adaptations that I need and it would have to have all the equipment characteristics that the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) requires me to have. Additionally a used car shouldn’t be too old, as considering the size of the investment I would want to make sure that the vehicle will help me to move around safely and according to the environmental protection standards (e.g. low emission zones in city centres) for at least the next 10 years. Therefore even nearly suitable vehicles are very difficult to find and they also already cost around € 60.000 and are very likely to require additional adaptations to meet my individual needs. Many foundations only contribute to the financing of a new car. But of course I will keep this option in mind as well.

No matter if new or used, such a vehicle would give me the possibility to get from A to B, spontaneously and without help. A bit of self-determination, freedom, that allows me to participate in everyday social life!