Picture Gallery - Melli in pictures...


I decided to select positive images because this corresponds to my nature. I try to be strong, even if the MS and disability is permanently present and very restrictive. How it actually feels inside of me physically and mentally cannot be empathized anyway. I do not want pity, but compassion! With your help I have the opportunity to stay who I really am, a cheerful person, that loves living so much!

Melli in her wheelchair on top of a pyramid of stone, looking through an antique telescope, in search of an independent life.









Looking for an independent life!

Melli in her wheelchair standing in deep sand, trying to pull a squared stone with a thick rope.





The burden of MS, always with me!

Melli in her wheelchair feeding some ducks.







Melli has a HEART for animals!


Do you have a HEART for Melli?

Melli in her wheelchair on the outside terrace of a vegan café drinking a vegan Strawberry-"Milkshake".









Vegan milkshake -

good for health,

the environment,

the animals,

a clear conscience

and a great pleasure!

Melli in her wheelchair, trying to climb an artificial sand dune.









Ain't no mountain high enough!

Melli at the Zoo at the Sea in Bremerhaven, standing with her wheelchair in front of the sea lions.








Zoo at the sea!


Melli wants to see,

see more of life!

Melli with an wheelchair adapted shopping cart in a supermarket nearby.





INTEGRATION at the supermarket

With an adapted vehicle, I could drive to this supermarket

and shop groceries without any help.

Melli in her wheelchair standing in deep snow while she is covered with snow herself.










Driving in the snow

Beautiful, but impossible without any help!

With an adapted vehicle it would be much easier!

Melli in her wheelchair smiling at all the people, that support mach-melli-mobil with their donations.









A smile for YOUR DONATION!